Crew Companion Lite/Mobile
(For only an additional $2.95/mo or $24.95/yr)
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New Trip Email/Cell Phone Notifications      
Calendar Viewing, Printing and Exporting      
Unimatic, Apollo & SkyNet Access      
Fully automated functions      
Reserves Available Display      
Trip Displaying, Sorting and Filtering    
Visual Trip Shopping    
1-Click Preflight    
Drag-n-Drop Trip Trading    
Auto Trades  
F/A-to-F/A Trade Board Access  
ZED Flight Planner  
Friend Auto-Trades  

CC Lite/Mobile Feature Overview

CC Lite and CC Mobile extends the powerful features of the main Crew Companion program to your web browser and your iPhone (or any other Smartphone).

* FA's: Some features require Crew Companion Subscription

CC Lite

Access for
modern web

CC Mobile

Access for
iPhones and
most newer smart phones
New Trip Email/Cell Phone Notifications    
All Trip & Available Trip Lists    
Notification Trip Matching    
* Calendar Viewing (CC Bronze and Up)    
* Remote Updating (CC Bronze and Up)    
*1-Click Preflight (CC Silver and Up)
*ZED Flight Planner (CC Gold)