We have already completed a large number of features for both UAL Pilots and Flight Attendants. See the Product Page for a complete breakdown The list below is the approximate order we intend to roll out new features and capabilities. Some require far more coding than others so while listed earlier, they may not roll out first.

Pilot-Only Capabilities

  • Vacancies in Seniority Analyzer – Handle Vacancies and BIDREQ data in Seniority Analyzer
  • Electronic Logbook – Easily updated via single click, will track all appropriate flight history data and will include import/export feature
  • PBS Wizard – Will assist you to create accurate & effective PBS bid for you based on your true desires by asking appropriate questions regarding selected criteria (Patent Pending)

Flight Attendant-Only Capabilities

  • Gross Pay Calculations – Display monthly gross pay based on all pay triggers and show adjusted pay for shopped trips
  • Legality Checks – Incorporate all trip trading legality checks for on-the-fly legality checking
  • Calendar Codes – Display code meaning and apply pay corrections as appropriate

Joint Pilot and Flight Attendant Capabilities

  • Backup/Restore Capability – Backup and restore all historical information
  • Calendar Reminders – Create notifcation reminders at selected intervals prior to trip or duty period
  • Lockable Days – Lock certain days to prevent from accidentally trip trading into them
  • Layover Information – Airport weather, operational data, hotspot and ops locations as well as city info such as hotel, transpo info, where to go and what to do will be displayed succinctly along with any advertised specials for that location